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To supply superior technical and product assistance with value added performance to our customer base. We are a
dedicated professional support team with continuous improvement in training, products and services. We are
ordinary people doing extraordinary work. This is our mission and we strive to fulfill it.

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We have OEM and aftermarket products available within our parts department. So, if you need that emergency tune up kit, water pump, ignition switch or starter please feel free to contact us. We also carry multiple engine and brake O/H kits for most brands and engine styles. If you are in the need for allied material, we can help you with that as well. We are continuously striving to increase are parts inventory. Want to make a suggestion please contact us.

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Equipment Rental

Sierra Industrial Equipment prides itself on its
cost effective, reliable rental fleet provided to you with our on-time
delivery service to meet all your equipment rental needs.

To reserve your unit today please complete the credit card authorization.

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Doosan’s goal is to make your material handling operation as efficient and reliable as possible
by minimizing your forklifts downtime to reduce overall maintenance cost.

Oil cooled disc brakes  –  Power reversal transmission  –  Full floating drive axle
Hydrostatic steering system  –  Increased Cooling Capacity

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A planned maintenance on Electric Forklift includes:
* Machine cleaned down with compressed air.
* Greased and lubricated forklift mast and chains for proper operation.
* Inspected hydraulic pump condition and oil level.
* Checked drive train and motor, inspected along with safety items/options.

Battery Service includes:
* Battery cleaned.
* Cells checked for water and acid levels.
* Volts read and documented.

The price of an LPG lift usually runs between $145 and $175, the filter cost and the amount of fluids needed determine the cost.

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Even a small forklift can come with a decent price tag. You have the option of dropping
a large amount of cash to purchase the machinery outright, or you can opt for
one ofour financing banks. We can assist you with items such as
installation or consumables.

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